Debt recovery in Germany

We provide legal solutions in the area of debt collections and are specialists in debt recovery. We can handle paperwork for you or represent you in court to recover your money as soon as possible.


We will help you assert your right to return to Germany and claim German citizenship (Spätaussiedler - "late emigrants"). Take advantage of our strong experience in successful representing and defending immigrants and their families.

Deportation defense

We are ready to defend your rights during removal proceedings. We begin by fully evaluating your case, give you an honest assessment of your situation and then thoroughly prepare your application to avoid removal.

Business support in Germany

We provide legal support to startup and established businesses in Germany. We can guide you through the start-up process, negotiate favorable contract provisions, draft and review your contracts.

Labor law

We offer advice in all questions of labor and employment law including the collective labor law and represent you throughout Germany in and out of court.

Auto accident

We represent accident victims and can help you assess the total cost of your accident, including medical treatment, lost wages, the cost to repair or replace your car, as well as pain and suffering.

Criminal law

Our job is to protect your rights and ensure your access to a fair trial. We begin building a strategy for your defense immediately and promise to make every effort to obtain the best result possible.

Family law

We offer a full range of legal services on matrimonial and family law: representation in divorce and child custody cases, pension rights equalization, drawing up marriage contracts and agreements on the legal consequences of divorce.

Immigration law

We advise and represent you in all areas of immigration law: visas and residence permits, marriage and family reunification, working and studying in Germany, procedure for granting asylum in Germany.

EU Blue Card

We will be glad to support your application for the EU Blue Card. We will evaluate your individual situation and qualifications and provide a professional assessment of your eligibility for immigration to Germany.

Landlord and tenant law

We represent landlords, tenants, commercial landlords and property managers with commercial and residential lease matters and are committed to quickly and effectively bringing landlord tenant disputes to resolution.

Real estate law

We offer a full package for real estate purchases: legal verification of the object's documents, due diligence, contract negotiation, preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements on behalf of buyers and sellers.